How to Plant a Tree in the Calgary Area
The Starburn Assurance of Quality

Embrace the convenience of buying locally !

Check out the individual plants and select just what you want from a large selection of plants acclimatized to the Calgary environment. Transplant our containers anytime from April to November.


Snowbird Hawthorn

Cutleaf Weeping Birch
Siberian Larch
Selkirk & Dolgo Crabapples
Northwest Poplar
Paskapoo Poplar
Aspen Poplar
Swedish Columnar Aspen
Tower Poplar
Princess Kay Plum
Shubert Chokecherry
White and Blue Spruce
Mountain Ash
Sweetheart Mayday
Lodgepole Pine
Mugo & Dwarf Mugo Pine
Scotch Pine
Mountain Pine



Common Caragana
Pygmy Caragana
Dogwoods (various)
Lilacs (various)
Hedge Cotoneaster
Sea Buckthorn
Roses (various)
Red Chokecherry
Nanking Cherry
Dwarf Birch
Highbush Cranberry
Potentilla Double Flowering Plum
Wayfaring Tree Golden Flowering Currant
Honeyrose Honeysuckle




Karl Foerster Reed Grass
Variegated Reed Grass
Purple Maiden Grass
Prairie Sky Switch Grass
Huron Sunrise Maiden Grass


For the 2011 Season
Open 23 April 2011
8 AM to 5 PM daily
Annuals & Perennials
Grass Seed, Soil & Mulch





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